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Our Program

We believe that most of life's learning, including how to learn, occurs in the first five years of life. Children learn best by having a holistic approach where social, emotional, physical, communicative and intellectual needs are met. The learning process is based upon developmental achievements, the child's individual style of learning and experiential background.


We offer a child-centered program with an emphasis on play. Children have the opportunity to learn in a hands on environment that provides positive methods of guidance and encourages a child's success.


An important component of our mission and philosophy is to bring a variety of cultural, educational and fun learning experiences to all children enrolled. Our dedicated, professional staff offer a caring, safe, and nurturing learning environment. We pride ourselves in being a program that is a "home away from home."


Our curriculum is developmentally age appropriate, hands on and child centered. It is developed by using the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.

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