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Learning Groups

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6 Weeks - 1 Year

Babies are a treasured gift.


We know how difficult it is for parents to be away from their infant and to trust someone else with their daily care and needs. Our teachers create a warm, inviting, comfortable, and safe environment to welcome you and your baby. We base an infant's schedule on parent requests and individual needs of the infant, helping parents to feel confident that their children are well cared for and nourished in mind, body, and soul. Our program supports each child's personal development with a curriculum that is specific to each child. This allows us to set learning goals that are obtainable at every milestone.

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Older Infants

Babies grow so fast and want to go, go, go as soon as their little bodies will take them.  Little Travelers is designed as a transition room for infants that are ready to move and shake their way out of the infant room.  In this room your child will begin to learn self-help skills.  We teach baby sign language to help them better communicate their needs and wants. They will begin to explore the world around them through creative experiences and activities such as art, dance, music, and movement. We help older infants begin feeding themselves, sitting in big kid chairs at the table, and trying out their independence while still having a safe adult to guide them and help when needed.

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Our toddler teachers know that these years are best spent using the whole body to learn and absorb our world and surroundings. Children this age learn by exploring and doing.  Our Trucker classroom is a fun, play based learning environment where children are encouraged to use their senses to learn, sing to their own beat and just be themselves. The classroom environment is full of activities to make sure they are never bored and allows for ample opportunities to make age-appropriate choices, be independent and still have the security to know that their needs will be met in a loving, safe and cuddly way by every teacher in their classroom.

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Children at this age while still a toddler are learning more about themselves and what they are capable of accomplishing.  We provide them with stimulating learning materials to help them explore and grow while building with large blocks or dressing up in dramatic play. We start building routines to help them learn about themselves and others. Knowing play is the most valuable learning tool we help build on the social emotional skills and start working on cooperative play and how to be a kind friend. Our teachers create an environment that encourages imaginative play, art, creative exploration, singing, dancing, and language development opportunities.

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Preschool Room 1

The classroom environment in this room is divided into learning centers that further enhance not only cognitive skills such as math, science and reading, but promote cooperative play and further social emotional development. Every area allows children to expand their imagination and express themselves. We help develop skills that will be useful in 4K and Kindergarten by creating ample opportunities to use crayons, pencils, markers, scissors, and glue all under the watchful eye and gentle instruction from a teacher.  We help promote self-help skills in our personal care, while still being available to help whenever needed.  Learning how to control our strong emotions, display them appropriately, with gentle, positive guidance is a daily routine.   We ensure we find ways to include and understand every child.

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Preschool Room 2 / 4YK

We focus on mastering those skills that will make us successful students, while still meeting every child’s need to be a big kid and still a little kid at the same time. This is the time where they have nearly mastered their language skills and are working on building relationships, expanding their knowledge of the world around them and are curious about the things that genuinely interest them. They build on their motor, cognitive, imaginative, and intellectual skills as well as enhancing their social emotional skills.  All this is done in a way that they feel safe, and confident in themselves, while knowing that they have a comfortable and capable adult to help them if they need it.  During the school year some children in this room may participate in the Prescott School District 4K program.  Our teachers work together with the curriculum provided in the 4K program to ensure a smooth transition between classrooms and help prepare them for kindergarten.



School Age room (Kindergarten – 12 years old)

School aged children are given hands-on opportunities to practice the academic skills they learn during the school day in a play-based environment. They are provided with a wide variety of enrichment activities in literacy, art, music, science, and math. Physical development is encouraged through small and large motor activities, such as organized games, sports, and daily outside playtime. Although these activities and experiences encourage academic and creative development, they also help children to build their social emotional skills. Each child that enters this classroom has their own unique personality and needs. This classroom creates a safe and welcoming environment for them to explore, learn and create lasting friendships.



Students 4 years old by September 1st

We are partners with the Prescott School District and facilitate the curriculum that the school district provides to help our Voyager friends prepare for kindergarten.  We use a play-based model to make learning fun and exciting while gaining the skills to be successful in elementary school. The learning in this room is an extension of our Voyager rooms learning standards. We have two 4K sessions AM and PM.  4K is a program offered to students 4 years of age by September 1st, who enroll in the Prescott School District. 4K placement is at the discretion of the Prescott School District.

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